Connect & Nourish… Yoga & Nutrition Day Retreat ‪ ‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎nutrition‬ ‪#‎health #nourish‬ ‪#‎wellbeing #connect

Connect & Nourish… Yoga & Nutrition Day Retreat ‪ ‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎nutrition‬ ‪#‎health #nourish‬ ‪#‎wellbeing #connect

Looking to restore and rejuvenate?

Yoga Retreat May

This is the opportunity to take some time out for yourself to move, stretch and breathe, learn about nourishing raw food, create better eating habits and ways to incorporate them into your daily life.
Join experienced yoga teacher, Ruth McNeil and passionate Health Coach, Lyndy Stanway Marsh, for a yoga and vibrant nutrition day retreat at the stunning Yoga Sp8ce studio, set in peaceful private woodland with a tranquil lake view. This the perfect way to boost your energy, unwind, get healthy and to devote some time to you and your health.
First, we’ll explore an energising yoga flow created to open and strengthen the body and promote better energy flow throughout the mind-body network.
We’ll then explore nutrition with a food demonstration and delicious raw lunch. After we’ve eaten, you will be taken though an interactive and engaging talk on healthy eating habits and integrative health. You will come away with new health and food techniques to enhance your well-being.
Our day will end with a blissful restorative yoga session, where we’ll take mellow supported opening and releasing yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and intention setting.


Date:              Saturday 28th May

Time:             12:15 – 18:15                                                              

Location:      YogaSp8ce, Old Lane, Cobham, KT11 1NL   

Cost:               £85– limited space    

We look forward to welcoming you on this restorative retreat!
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Lyndy Stanway-Marsh – Health Coach
Lyndy will teach you how to create a delicious and nourishing raw lunch. She will then discuss easy ways in which you can empower yourself to make positive and beneficial energy upgrades to your everyday health. Lyndy is a Certified Health Coach and NLP Practitioner.
Ruth McNeil  – Yoga Teacher
Ruth will take you through the energising yoga flow and the restorative session. Ruth is a BWY accredited teacher with years of teaching experience.
Any questions, please contact :

Lyndy on 07786830377 – 

Ruth on 07956244177 or    

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