Would you do an 8 day fasting detox?…I just did!

Would you do an 8 day fasting detox?…I just did!

Just came across my post which I wrote this time last year… would love to go back!……


I have been extremely lucky to have won a two week trip to a Health Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand.

What is involved may be less appealing to many as the first 8 days of my stay involved what they call a ‘total rejuvenation’ fasting detox.

It is basically a fast for 7 days with a ‘liver flush’ at the end. You have shakes and herbs and lots of water and diluted fresh juices throughout and some less appealing other things (colonics) which I won’t go into the details of! The exciting part to look forward to was the daily yoga, massage and steam. Being right on the beach, sun and a great bunch of people going through it at the same time really helped to make things easier and pass the time.

To be honest, being a Health Coach myself I had never contemplated doing a full on detox program before I won this and had been quite wary in the past as detox can be really dangerous if it is not done in the right way.  If you google it there is lots of evidence on pros and cons (my husband did a lot of that!)

I was really interested to experiment on how it would affect me, if I would react much.

The first day you have a mixture of an oxygen magnesium drink in lime honey. A variety of water, broth, herbal tea, fresh diluted fruit (watermelon or pinapple) and vegetable juices. That went fine.

From then on your day starts with a shake first thing, brought to my room by a lovely man called Thong, who never stopped grinning from ear to ear. It is then a variety of herbs ( Heal Detox, Chlorophyll, Oxygen, Colloidal, Ocean Spray, Spirulina and Guarana) which you take at different times and alternate with the shakes during the day. The most surprising thing is that I honestly did not feel hungry!

The shakes are made of a mixture of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium. Bentonite is a negatively charged volcanic ash which is said to detoxify up to 200 times its own weight. The Psyllium lubricates the intestinal tract, mixing with the bentonite and the absorbed toxins. These really keep you full. In fact the first day I felt so full it was like I had had a big meal.

All the herbs had their own benefits towards keeping your nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids up.

There was an Ozone machine to go in daily for 20 minutes which pumped hot air and oxygen into you and some ‘twerking’ machine that you had to stand on too. A bit like a powerplate.

The liver flush on the last day was interesting.  A mixture of some other liver detox herbs like milk thistle, a liver flush drink, Epsom salts ( don’t try these at home!) then some olive oil and lime drink. All for a new experience.

I’m still here for the rest of the week. Now really enjoying what Koh Samui has to offer, exploring the Island and enjoying the food!

Would I do it again? I will have to see. I’m going to have to see how I feel over the next month as the benefits continue long after you have left.

Why do people usually do these things? To lose weight, have more energy, clear a digestive issue, to heal from a terminal illness or just to detox their systems from various foods and environmental toxins that have been building up over the years.

I had very little reaction, a slight headache on the second morning but nothing else. Which I was really pleased about!

If you drink a lot of coffee or have a lot of toxins in your body from other things, be prepared for more severe reactions such as headaches.

All in all a great learning experience. I feel lighter, more energised and my skin is glowing. The best thing has been some time to reflect, slow down and connect with what is really important again.



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