What a week’s worth of digital Detox gave our family…

What a week’s worth of digital Detox gave our family…


We were in France last week, our Summer holidays in a beautiful but rainy Brittany. I know now why you go to the South of France for guaranteed weather!

We rented a lovely traditional farm house with an old watermill attached and an old rambling garden and river. We had been looking forward to this family holiday for the whole Summer.

What I didn’t actually plan when I booked was the fact that there was no TV, internet and infrequent mobile reception!

What that ended up meaning is we played loads of games together as a family, drew, danced, cooked, ate, laughed, chatted and connected a lot more than we have in ages.

The kids loved it; my eldest saw it as an olden day house just for her and her and her brother spent hours on end playing olden days. When it did brighten up for a bit they explored the garden, played in the river, found the obligatory frog which kept them entertained for an entire morning.

For my husband and I it meant we talked a lot more, we read, played games and just enjoyed having more time, not interrupted by the constant checking of work, news, social media or any other of the modern day constant distractions.

We both feel energised mentally ready to start the last busy quarter of the year and the kids are excited for their new school year.

I will have to check in again next week to see how the retox has gone. All in all I highly recommend it as a recharge…to embrace the present, clear your mind and focus your priorities.

Happy September!


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