Claire, London

Before Lyndy's coaching, I knew my unhealthy habits had to go couldn't shift them, however many healthy living articles I read. With Lyndy's help, I worked out what was stopping me and how to overcome that with small changes that I was able to make without feeling deprived. Lyndy's understanding and individual focus made all [...]

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Fiona, Surrey

Lyndy has been a wonderful source of information and inspiration. With her help and support I have succeeded in reaching my goals set in recent months. I would fully recommend Lyndy to anyone looking for making healthy and empowering changes in their life and lifestyle.

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Christine, London

I had already been making changes in my life, such as taking time off from work, working with a personal trainer, doing yoga, and eating better. But I still felt "stuck". Lyndy has been an invaluable resource in helping me achieve my goals through a different approach

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Sarah, Law Firm – London

'Lyndy was very open and presented a very interesting session. She covered a broad range of topics, which was helpful'

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Julian, Investment Bank – London

'Lyndy's corporate talk covered a wide range of subjects on healthy eating and lifestyle change. A very common sense approach, no gimmicks or fad diets. Very informative.'

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Louise, London

" Working with Lyndy I have made positive & ongoing changes to various parts of my life - food choices, work/life balance, relaxation techniques, etc. Lyndy’s approach was tailored to my needs & has allowed me to integrate better health practices into my daily life. What I enjoyed most is that her approach was client focused on my needs for that week, she kept me inspired & motivated through the 6 months. Lyndy is professional & caring with her clients."

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Lucy, West Midlands

"Lyndy's professional and personalised approach to my dietary and lifestyle issues provided a new and exciting viewpoint which helped both me and my family take a healthier path in life. I found her particularly helpful at dealing with specific issues as they arose, tayloring her advice in a practical, informative and positive way."

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Caroline, London

"Lyndy was an inspiration to me! For me saying out loud to someone, this is what I want to do, started the process, and writing it down and looking at it every day helped me to visualise the end result! Knowing that I had to be accountable motivated me immensely. As a result of this program, I am well on my way to attaining my goals and feel better about myself. I feel renewed! Thank you."

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