Addicted to Sugar? 10 Steps to deal with it…

We as humans have always loved sweet things! Our genetic pool hasn't changed in the last 40 years but our environment has changed significantly, especially regarding sugar. The problem with it is that it is too easy to [...]

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Foods to boost your immune system as we go into Winter

Autumn is the time of year when the sniffles can seem to creep back in! Back to school germs and seasonal changes can often give our immune system a knock. We all know that prevention [...]

5 Top Tips to get your children eating healthier foods again

School bags packed and back to routines for the last 2 weeks also mean the end of endless summer treats and ice creams. We would all love for our children to eat whole foods, and we [...]

Are you an Emotional Eater?

You could look up various definitions of what an emotional eater is but the bottom line is if you eat when you are stressed, lonely, upset, cross, bored, don’t eat all day at work and [...]

What a week’s worth of digital Detox gave our family…

We were in France last week, our Summer holidays in a beautiful but rainy Brittany. I know now why you go to the South of France for guaranteed weather! We rented a lovely traditional farm [...]