If Skinny isn’t Beautiful & Fat isn’t Healthy…then what is?

If Skinny isn’t Beautiful & Fat isn’t Healthy…then what is?


There is a notable push in the media and music world at the moment focussing on the view that for Women ‘big is beautiful’.

The problem with this is there is a disconnect between the media airbrushing women to look like something they are not ie..super skinner, perfect skin, blemish and cellulite free and therefore chipping away at female’s self-esteem; versus telling a women that it is ok to be any size even if that means by eating anything, not exercising and being obviously overweight.

There is a point missing somewhere in between it all!

We are all different shapes and sizes and all unique and beautiful in our own ways BUT … if you are big because you are living on refined, processed foods, burgers, pizza’s, fizzy drinks with not a sign of a green vegetable or anything fresh and not exercising…THEN… you are on a road to disaster.

My mother told me what mattered was what you looked like on the inside and it was that which made you beautiful inside and out. That goes for kindness, personality, exercise, mind and food!!! Not just looks.

I received something from my child’s school a few weeks ago saying they are measuring height and weight of children in the year for national statistics. With this I received another booklet talking about ‘Ways to keep your kids healthy’. In the booklet they were also saying that you may not realise you are overweight as you may look the same as your friend or family member. A sad but true state of affairs for many in the country today.

That in itself struck a chord with me at so many levels. While I appreciate the need for statistics, surely by getting children to be aware of what they weigh at such a young age and focussing on it , it is creating an awareness you don’t want so early on, especially for girls.

You can see if a child is over or underweight you don’t need to put them on a scale! What you do need to do is to educate them about inner beauty.

You only put an overweight adult on a scale to scare them into realising that if they don’t make a conscious decision to change pretty soon Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease or the big C could be knocking on their door.

I think the focus with ourselves and our children should be on what we enjoy and are good at and about making health fun. This looks like, exercising together, eating healthily together, cooking together, being part of a family and community and positive self talk and reinforcement. All of that will all equate to feeling better about ourselves and boost our self-esteem.

Some days it is hard to step back as a women and a mother and live and connect the two extremes of ‘beautiful’ under looks and health BUT we can change. We just need to believe it to be true for ourselves, live it, act is  and to be aware of how we are modelling it on our children.

True beauty and health really does come from within, that means from our hearts, minds and very importantly what we put on our forks!

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