Healthy Habits Detox

Healthy Habits Detox


Join a bunch of likeminded Individuals from Monday 16th November – Friday 27th November for a Healthy Habits Detox.

Just in time to get you ready and feel fabulous for Christmas 🙂

Find out how to create and incorporate realistic, healthy habits for yourself and your family.

How it works…

  • In person meet and briefing session in Walton – Thursday 12th November, 8-10pm
  • Start Healthy Habits on Monday 16th November until Friday 27th November. We have a very active and supportive Facebook group which we engage in daily, post discussions, updates and recipes.
  • Midway 10 minute individual call with Health Coach Lyndy
  • Monday 12th October – final in person wrap up session in Walton, 8-10pm.

Cost – £48

Hear from other’s success stories

‘I was a little bit nervous before the detox as I love my food, but I wanted to find out if I could break my evening snacking habit! And it was great! There are so many lovely alternatives to the ‘easy to reach for’ sugary and less healthy snacks, that I didn’t feel I was missing out on anything! In fact the snacks and meals I realised I could create very easily were so tasty and loved by all the family, I have continued to cook in the same way since!’

‘At the beginning of the year, I was in a bit of a health rut, I knew I was badly overweight, eating the wrong things, lethargic and lacked focus in relation to my own health. Happily, the Healthy habits detox was one of my better decisions and one month on I am still sticking to the general principles. I have lost a stone and a half without really trying, am exercising three to four times a week and have a general glow and skin that feels years younger.’

‘One of my biggest achievements was cutting out caffeine.  I was a caffeinaholic, having four cups before the school run and continuing to drink tea/coffee throughout the day.  During the first week I cut it down to two a day and then 1 a day the following.  I still only have one a day but can now happily go without, I couldn’t have done this on my own.’

‘For me the main change was taking out gluten and refined sugar from my diet.  Doing this made me have to change my eating habits and try new foods.. I have learnt to love sweet potatoes, experiment with Thai Curries and Quinoa. ‘

‘The group and face group page were great for discussing recipies asking questions and it made me determined not to be the one who gave in. I treated myself to some of the Arbonne skincare creams and advise on offer by Catherine, which kept the toxins out of my body and so many people have mentioned that my skin looks better and it does.’

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We look forward to welcoming you on your Healthy Habits programme!

Any questions please email Lyndy on or Catherine on

Run by Health Coach Lyndy Stanway Marsh & Catherine Maloney, Independant Consultant Arbonne International or

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