There is alway a reason that we eat when we aren’t really hungry. The problem is often finding the cause.

This week I’ve been aware of something that I haven’t been that conscious of for a while and that is how actual physical pain can impact our eating habits. We know that being in physical pain decreases our energy & effects our mood but my question to you is does it cause you to eat or stop eating?

Do you have hip, knee, back, shoulder pain or some constant injury that niggles you so you are not ever completely pain free?

How does that make you feel about yourself? Does it cause you to ‘eat through the pain’ or actually stop eating as the pain numbs your hunger for something deeper than food itself?

I’m a great believer that if you are ignoring something ‘big’ in your life, which could very well be emotional;  you will eventually be forced to look at it in some way and this may be presented in the form of physical pain in your body that you actually need to take a look & slow down. It often shows up as physical pain if we ignore feelings, suppress things or ‘eat our feelings’. Therefore by taking a step back and looking at what are emotional eating triggers are, recognising and addressing them it is much easier to move forward and make a change. Then our bodies are less likely to experience pain as we get to the root of ‘what is really eating us’.

Awareness is the first step to making a change. Are you creating the things you ‘don’t want’ in your body and eating to suppress them?

I would love to hear your thoughts as it seems that many of us do eat to comfort ourselves when in physical pain but for an equally large group of us our emotional trigger for food goes when we are in pain.

What happens to you, have you noticed? What impact does it have & what can you do about it?