We all do!!!

Especially in the evening it seems and (Ladies) the day before our period!

So we can either embrace it and make peace with the fact that it’s just our hormones & or sugar addiction. We can follow the 80/20 rule or we can choose to swap it for something different.

An added tip, if you know when your trigger times are then set yourself up for success by not having Chocolate around you in the first place. If it is in your home it will call you from the cupboard, fact! And that’s ok if it’s ok with you but if not don’t buy it, clear it out from your home.

What can we swap out if we want to curb the cravings?

  1. Eat Good Fat Instead – Nuts like cashews, macadamia, pecans and hazelnuts are a good alternative, so are Nut butters. Even Avocado’s or a piece of cheese are great. Chopped up little pieces of coconut are brilliant to snack on to fill you up and curb the chocolate craving.
  2. Drink Cinnamon Tea – it really curbs your chocolate sweet cravings an nourishes us. Cinnamon is a great anti-inflammory. and loaded with anti-oxidants. You can also add it to plain yoghurt to sweeten it naturally.
  3. Eat some protein like a boiled egg, a piece of chicken or some salmon.
  4. Have a date and put a dollop of nut butter inside.
  5. Eat Hummus with crudite.
  6. Drink plenty of Water.

Do you have a favourite alternative? If so please share in the comments below.