When we decide to make a change to our health and really stick to it there is always a catalyst. A strong reason to change, and in order to follow through with the change, the thought of staying where you are and doing what you are doing, can no longer be an option. You have to do something differently, you don’t see ‘doing nothing’ as an option.

If you have every felt yourself in this space then it doesn’t matter what it takes you are going to…look after your body, upgrade your food choices, move more, change jobs, leave a relationship, stop drinking, give up sugar, stop smoking…or whatever that thing is for you, you are 100% committed to making the change.

You then carry along doing well, with a strong mindset, positive outlook and then a few weeks down the line and bang…one of your family members does something, makes a comment and ‘hey presto’ the wind goes out your sales, the fear sets in and you listen to those voices chattering in your head telling you it will never happen, who are you to think you can really change things for good. You have hooked into the fear!

Why does this happen?

It could be that you are triggering some pattern in them that is threatened by your new health change and different energy and mindset. Triggering their fear. Although it can be hard to see at the time, their reaction is usually more about them than you!

How do we move past it?

If it was a friend who you felt wasn’t being supportive it is much easier in some circumstances to move away; whereas family you have to see daily and this can bring up old unconscious childhood patterns, beliefs & fears.

We can get back on track by going back to our own personal values, our ‘why’, our purpose, the belief in yourself. Trusting your own wisdom, your own voice, hooking into the knowing that if you stay the same you will basically be stuck, resentful and go back to sleep and that is not an option! Being brave, hooking into your power, giving yourself some space away from that person and connecting with others who support what you believe in, these things will get you back on track.

An interesting thing can actually happen when we hook back into trusting ourselves and our own energy…the people around us change. It really is fascinating to watch, I’ve seen it for myself and with many clients. When we are really clear about what we want for ourselves, the changes we want to make, where we want to go; we have a clear picture of the version of ourselves and the life that we want and we being to practice is daily and really believe we are going to get ‘there’ then things change! We do get there.

Some call it  ‘the power of the mind’,’the law of attraction’,’The Universe’ or ‘Quantum Physics’. Whatever you believe it to be you have to try it to buy it!!!

Has this happened to you? I would love to know your thoughts.

Sending Love, endless possibilities & infinite growth xxx